Eden Rumelt


Eden Rumelt is an Ordained Rev. Priestess, a Certified Massage Therapist, a Transformational Coach, and a Performing Artist. She has a thriving healing practice in Sebastopol, and specializes in nurturing and therapeutic bodywork as well as spiritual guidance and life coaching. She was initiated and ordained as a dancing priestess, with a performance troupe called Quimera Tribe. Eden also leads meditation circles and medicine ceremonies. To all of her work and services, she brings love, compassion, integrity, humor, and the ability to hold the light, the shadow, and everything in between.


 Awaken Yourself through Movement


Would you like to feel the empowerment of the medicine of movement...not only as a witness but as a participant? Are you looking for a special performance, or interactive experience, for your next event or ceremony?

Inquiries and Booking: compassionandclarity@gmail.com, or (415) 686-9161

  • Offering Movement As Medicine classes/workshops including the modalities of Waking Dream and Intuitive Technique. These are the foundational practices in the Shamanic Fusion Dance style, created by Anandha Ray. Waking Dream is a somatic practice in a lucid state. In a Waking Dream session or ceremony, you explore your subconscious mind to reprogram your core beliefs, clear trauma, and create new pathways of consciousness. Intuitive Technique is a moving meditation designed to connect you to your body, upgrading your movement ability for personal or performance purposes.  These can be taught as separate classes or within a workshop, and are available to all dance levels and movement abilities.

  • Offering classes/workshops in Sacred Burlesque. This is a style I developed through years of collaborations and solo performance. It merges the playfulness and glamour of burlesque with ritual and ceremonial theater and dance styles. This is available to all dance levels and movement abilities.

  • Contact me to arrange 1:1 or group instruction in Movement as Medicine (Waking Dreams, Intuitive Technique and/or Sacred Burlesque). Aspects of these methods also can be incorporated into a Coaching session. *Upcoming classes/workshops are listed under Events.

  •  I am available as a performing artist. I offer solo and collaborative dance, theater, and performance-art. Emphasis in ritual theater, belly dance, temple dance, burlesque, fire dance, and modern styles. *Please inquire for more details & booking*.

  • Shamanic Fusion Dance performance and teaching with Quimera Tribe Ritual Dance troupe:  www.facebook.com/quimeradance/

  • Below is imagery from some of my recent performing artist journey...May they serve as samples and inspiration!