Eden Rumelt


Eden Rumelt is an Ordained Rev. Priestess, a Certified Massage Therapist, a Transformational Coach, and a Performing Artist. She has a thriving healing practice in Sebastopol, and specializes in nurturing and therapeutic bodywork as well as spiritual guidance and life coaching. She was initiated and ordained as a dancing priestess, with a performance troupe called Quimera Tribe. Eden also leads meditation circles and medicine ceremonies. To all of her work and services, she brings love, compassion, integrity, humor, and the ability to hold the light, the shadow, and everything in between.

Transformational Coaching

& Priestess Services

Become a Truer Version of You


Do you wish to feel truly embodied? To have more freedom and inspiration in your mindset? To release anxiety and feel deeper spiritual alignment? 

Inquiries and Booking: compassionandclarity@gmail.com.(415)686-9161

Let's practice transforming fear and choosing love.


  • You are worthy of feeling inspired, confident, and connected. Perhaps you are going through a life transition, or are looking to heal trauma. Maybe you simply want some accountability to integrate and implement self-care and healthy habits. 

  • I offer actionable steps and tools, reliable support, and mindset upgrades, so you can feel more aligned and empowered.

  • You will be served with empathy, clarity, and non-judgement. While loving and compassionate, I will also uphold high standards and integrity, (both professionally and personally) and hold you in doing the same. As a result, you will feel more awareness, balance, and power to choose how you respond to life.

  • I am inspired and informed by my connection to the divine feminine, and service to the awakening of humanity. While I'm especially passionate about the empowerment of women, all belief systems, orientations, genders, religious and spiritual practices are honored here.

  • We can work in-person, or remotely by phone or video-chat. Whether seeking spiritual council and/or transformational life coaching sessions, they can occur as combined or separate from a massage & healing appointment.

  • For  your embodiment, mindset, and spiritual guidance, I draw on all aspects of my skills and background, including as a massage therapist, in dance therapy, and as an ordained priestess. I also draw on tools gained via completion of the Leadership Training course by Eternal Presence llc: http://www.eternal-presence.com/about/

  • As a Priestess, I am trained to give spiritual council and channel divine healing. I also offer officiation of weddings, births & death rites, and other blessings and ceremonies, as a member of legal clergy.  See the About section for more details on my priestess background and certification.

  • I can bring elements of priestess work into my expressions as a healing and performing artist. See the Massage and Dance sections of this site, or inquire with me.