Eden Rumelt

Eden offers several inter-weaving services to choose from, or combine, to assist you. She is a Therapeutic Massage Therapist, an Ordained Rev. Priestess, and a Transformational Coach. In addition to her healing practice, she is also a Performing Artist. She specializes in compassionate, nurturing, and effective bodywork as well as spiritual guidance and coaching. She performs and teaches with a modern dance fusion troupe and performs other dance styles as well. Eden also leads workshops and classes. In all of her work, she offers you love, presence, integrity, humor, and the ability to hold light, shadow, and everything in between.



Massage Testimonials

-"So often I find an *almost* great massage therapist...you know, strong hands, but not very intuitive. Even when you find the *perfect* massage therapist, their facility might be lacking in some way, too far away, or ridiculously expensive. What if I told you that in Sebastopol, you can find a hidden sanctuary, complete with non-chlorine hot tub, extra large massage table so that the therapist can work on you Thai-style, but not on the floor, and the practitioner was charming, knowledgeable, beautiful, and talented? If you are interested in an amazing massage, whether you are looking for a back-walker, hot stone experience, aromatherapy, deep tissue, energy work, Swedish, or, more likely, a blend of some or all of these treatments, Eden will delight and inspire you! She is a dancer, so understands the mechanics of the body, has the most intuitive touch of anyone I have ever seen, knows when to go deep, and when to relax her movements. Her energy work will transport you in just a few minutes to a place where you lose touch with her beautiful massage studio in the woods. Her prices are a great value, and she is a short (and calming) drive from downtown Sebastopol. She also has a deep wisdom of body/mind/spirit from extensive formal training and passionate self-study. If you are feeling like you want more from your massage experience, give yourself the opportunity to experience time with Eden, you will be happy you did!" -- James E.

- "One of the best massages of my life and I am a once a month if not more massage seeker! Started with a sweet 15 minute soak in her tub and then diving into her huge, oh so comfortable massage table. The room was warm and cozy in and I instantly relaxed into the experience. Eden intuitively seemed to know exactly where I needed the most attention. I ended up snoring away on the table in a deep bliss of relaxation and relief for my aching body during a big transition. Highly, HIGHLY recommend!" --Shanan M.

-"Amazing! Eden's care, presence and ability to give a personal massage is by far the very best I've ever received. She is grounded in her practice, deeply skilled and always interested in what I want to receive from a session. Her touch is very strong and confident, both which I prefer when getting body work done. I always look forward to my time with Eden and appreciate her gifts immensely. Please don't look for another therapist, contact Eden right away." --Stacy C.

-"It is a special treat to get a massage from Eden. She is very present and intuitive, and seems to be gifted with a natural talent for bodywork. Her massages feel very generous, and can include strong touch when desired, beautiful essential oils, and hot stones. She really puts together a beautiful offering that makes you feel very cared for and relaxed. Give yourself the wonderful gift of a massage with Eden, you will definitely be glad you did. She is a gem." --Gemma E.

- "My wife and I moved up from Austin, Texas a year ago...I booked a massage with Eden and am so very glad I did. She has a lovely and comfortable space. More importantly, she is a wonderful therapist with a warm and welcoming spirit. She holds space, as she works, for you to fall into a deep meditative state. She is truly a gift!" --Steven S.

Coaching Testimonials

- "Eden has a special gift for this work. I came to her overwhelmed, and within the first session began to feel lighter and more empowered. She brings a deeply grounded and enlivened energy, and is able to make inquiries with gentle yet powerful directness. Our sessions were rich with exploration and healing, and so inspiring!! She gave me tools to deepen my relationship with myself, and since then I have been able to put into action important goals that have lain dormant for years. Eden is a conduit for self actualization and love!! I highly recommend working with her. --Jade M.

- "Eden was a source of  grounded guidance in our session. Her approach with clients is very supportive, I could feel her undivided presence even through a session over the phone. She offered profound reflections that have paved the way for positive shifts in my goals. 

Rather than ever telling me what to do, she presented thought provoking suggestions of exercises. I found the way she began our session with meditation and sealed the intention of what we had discussed at the end to be very intuitive."  --Megan S.

- "I recently had a session with Eden and was opened up with heart-felt inquiry and insight, guided meditation, and sacred cranial touch. Her gracious intuition and beautiful soothing space allowed me to unravel some binding belief systems that were a source of contention for me. I recommend her offerings to anyone seeking peace of mind and solace from the drama and trauma. --Jamal K.